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        Our New Look

        We might look different,
        but we feel the same.

        Rental Uniforms

        We treat the back of the house
        like it's the front of the house

        Kitchen Wear

        Covers their regular clothes
        and your bottom line

        Rental Linens

        We set the table to make
        table setting easier

        Regent Apparel Logo
        We make the uniforms and linens that make your business run.

        It’s an on-demand world today and your textile needs must keep pace.
        For textile rental companies and apparel retailers, Regent Apparel operates at the speed of your business through top quality manufacturing, industry-leading customer service and a commitment to proving ourselves on every order.

        Our Services
        Commitment in Every Stitch
        Right Selection

        We feature the most relevant variety of apparel options to match the needs of your customers

        Attention to Detail

        Every stitch of our apparel and linens is a reflection of our dedication, quality and promise to you and your business

        Industry Experience

        Benefit from four generations of knowledge and expertise in the apparel textile rental industry

        Flexible, reliable and comfortable

        (Same goes for our apparel)
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